Aubrie Lee

Namer by trade, engineer by training, artist at heart.


about me

I have a rare form of muscular dystrophy. The more I use my muscles, the weaker they get. Some of the basics:

  • I can’t smile. If you smile at me and I don’t smile back, trust that I’m smiling with my heart.

  • I’m hard of hearing. I rely on lip reading and closed captions.

  • I have an accent of sorts. Ironically, even though I read lips, my lips don’t move when I talk. It may take you some time to understand my speech.

  • I’ve been using a power wheelchair full-time since I was a teenager. People tend to stand to my side when they talk to me, but it’s tough for me to turn my body to face them. You can face me directly, don’t worry. If you’re worried about being run over, I’m actually less likely to run you over if you’re where I can see you.

Not every disabled person likes to be asked about their disabilities, but if you meet me, you’re welcome to ask me questions. I’m Disabled and proud, and I want us all to include disability in more conversations.

Let’s have a conversation about:

  • Disability justice
  • Self-improvement
  • Neuroscience, metacognition, consciousness, lucid dreaming, mind management
  • Systems theory, behavioral science, sociology, social change
  • Philosophy, metaphysics
  • Riddles, lateral thinking
  • Linguistics, polyglottery, wordplay, humor

Let’s work together on:

  • Making a 3D-animated film
  • Building into a collective disability justice blog
  • Playing Pictionary Telephone, the best party game in the world

If you're curious, I wrote a life plan with more detail. I call it my Archiridion.

The signs of my designs are chirality, tapers, and inversions.

  • Chirality is a concept I first learned in my premed studies. Like a person’s two hands, molecules can be mirror images of each other. Chiral forms are alike but unique. When I use spirals in my work, I’m very conscious of whether they’re right-handed or left-handed.

  • Tapers are gradients of size. I use tapers in serpent tails and kite points.

  • Inversions are rotationally symmetric. A cubic curve looks the same when viewed at 0º as at 180º. My signature is an ambigram—it can never be upside-down.

disability work

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